Chrysallis Consumer Partners (“Chrysallis” or “CCP”) is an investment and management firm focused on partnerships with and control / non-control growth investments in consumer companies with $5-100 million in enterprise value.  Chrysallis has offices in New York, New York and Raleigh, North Carolina and targets consumer facing businesses across specialty manufacturing, B2C, B2B and technology.  CCP’s principals have over [50+] years of experience focused on these industries and types of businesses and bring a level of proven investment experience and operational acumen to their portfolio and company partners rarely seen in firms of this size.

Chrysallis’ principals are particularly suited to execute in this market. The team members have diverse backgrounds and established global networks in the firm’s target market. The principals’ backgrounds provide a competitive advantage in understanding the dynamics of small capitalization consumer companies and have substantial experience in areas critical to value creation. This meaningfully differentiates Chrysallis from other management groups, consultants and providers of equity capital.

Specifically, the team possesses a unique cross disciplinary combination of long term working and personal relationships and professional backgrounds.  The Chrysallis team has proven to be excellent stewards of operating companies and invested capital.  Their experience includes traditional private equity, hands-on operational expertise, investment banking, product development, branding, global distribution and marketing.

CCP accelerates value in consumer-facing companies by providing operational and financial resources, strategic expertise, and deep industry knowledge. We enable private equity firms, companies and founders to strategically

- Exclusively dedicated to health & beauty, consumer products, and food & beverage
- Focused on partnerships with control and non-control growth investments worth $5-$100 million in enterprise

- Principals have over 50 years of operational and investing experience within these specific industry segments
- Invest alongside management and clients to facilitate multi-dimensional leadership and ownership with aligned